How is it Done?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle treatment during which purified water is introduced into the rectum with a special speculum. Each treatment session lasts around 45-60 minutes.

Once the speculum is inserted into the rectum, water will flow gently into the rectum and will flow further into the colon, or large intestine. As the water is released it flows out, providing a gentle cleansing effect upon the bowel wall.
As the water enters the bowel, you will begin to feel “full” and as the water is released, you will feel a sensation of release and at the end of the session you will feel cleansed and “lighter” than before your treatment.

People describe this as not just feeling lighter in weight, but in lifting their mood also.

Many do actually lose a little weight during the treatment as many pounds of waste material may be accumulated in the bowel.

Just one colon hydrotherapy session is equivalent to having 20 to 30 regular bowel movements. Subsequent sessions can be even more substantial as older,hardened,impacted feces are dislodged from the colon walls.

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